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I have a question that I hope  you could give me some guidance with. I have 3 cats (all fixed) in my house, one female 2 years old (Gato), a male 1 year old (captain planet) and another male 1 year old (Scout). I live in a 1200 sq. ft apartment and the cats have free roam of it. There are 2 litterboxes in quiet corners of the apartment, one in a guest bedroom and the other in the master bathroom. The problem that I am having is that Scout is pooping on the floor only in the guest bedroom. All of the cats use both litter boxes and last night I saw scout use the guest bedroom litter box to poop and the master bathroom one to pee. Yet this morning, as is with every morning, I wake up to find a fresh pile of feces from scout on the carpet. I keep the litter boxes clean, and I scoop them 1-2 times a day. I am not sure if I need a 3rd litter box or if I perhaps have too many cats for my apartment. Perhaps the fact that I have 2 males, they are in a contest to mark territory. I don't know. Please help.

yes you could be right. Having three cats whose living space is only inside could cause some territory issues.

You need to thoroughly clean the areas where he has been and remove any last trace of smell, an ultraviolet light is good at showing up any urine drops which we may miss.

the you need to give your cat a time out on his own to help him relax and to get used to using a litter tray again. this method is described here


I also have a page about this issue which is called Middening which you may find of further interest here


best wishes Kate


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