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I have recently bought a Ragdoll kitten me and my partner work full time
through the week. I have read alot about not leaving Ragdoll kittens alone
for long period of time. I did all my research before I got my kitten but
never saw this menchned untill I got him. Now I'm worried he will get
lonley. Never wanted 2 kittens just the one but have been thinking do I get
another for his sake? But I worry having two will be alot more work or be
destructive in my home like scratching furniture to Mark there dents my
current kitten does not do this. I have had my kitten for neally 2 months
but his sister is still Available for sale. He seems tone ok when I get back
from work just really playful, please help I cannot stopworrhing about this I
can see pros and cons on both sides thank you

I really wouldn't worry too much about this at all. The advice to any cat owner is that if you have a kitten is better to have someone around more often as it is important to socialize a kitten.

However at 4 months he will already have developed his social skills and as long as he seems happy to ie playing etc this is fine. Ragdolls are generally more calm and docile cats and like a quiet environment.

getting another cat is not always the answer and can in fact cause more problems as there are no guarantees that the cast will get on.

By the way having two cats is not any harder than having one, i recently got two for the first time after my last cat passed away and it has been a joy and not difficult at all. Any way that is a personal choice.

All i would say is make sure your cats environment is stimulating for him during the day while you are out. this will keep him happy and entertained. please see my page here for more information on this


best wishes KAte


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