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Recently some nearby neighbors moved leaving their neutered 6 yr old male cat behind. The cat had grown up on the mountain from a kitten. They lived wayback in the mountains. When I found out that the cat had been left behind, I fostered him until I could find a home for him. I have a male Siamese and the 2 did not get along at all. I'll call him Morris because thats exactly what he looked like, and VERY LARGE. Morris terrorized my 3 cats, trying to jump my male very chance he got. Morris was relocated to a farm about 45 minutes ago. Morris' new owners kept him in the house for several days until he got used to them, then she let him outside, because that's what he has been used to. The new owner could see him through her window exploring the farm for several hrs, then he just disappeared. Do you think that he is trying to make his way home to the mountain? Do you have any ideas? We are all sick over his disappearance. He has been gone now x 3 days.

Oh dear. the new owner should have kept him inside for a few weeks not a few days so that eh could make bonds with his new home and people etc.

it is very likely that he is trying to find his way home. you could check his old address, leave some food out for him etc.

It is not unusual for cats to go on a walk about which can last several days even weeks, my sisters cat did this he was missing for two weeks then just turned up.

All you can really do is to keep calling him, leave some food outside for him and perhaps something which smells of him so that he can find his way back home if he is still around and to also check with neighbors and local animal shelters etc. i have a page about things to do when a cat goes missing here


Dont give up hope he may just be exploring his new area.

best wishes Kate


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