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My male cat has gotten very skinny: he's about two years old, and he's skinny to the point you can see his hip bones and feel his ribs. He eats like a normal healthy cat. He usually lies around, but today somethings off. His pupils are dialated more then usual and when I tried to check his gums I couldn't see them. He's unresponsive when I pet him or call his name, because he usually comes to be with no hesitiation. His heart beat is very fast. I'm not sure what the normal heart rate is for a cat, so I'm concerned his is out of range.
 My boyfriend thinks its heart worm, but I'm hopeing it isn't.
 I just want to know whats wrong with him and if I need to get him to a pet ASAP.

yes your right you do need to get your cat to see a vet as soon as possible. there are several possibilities as to what can be wrong but until proper tests are carried out its not worth worrying about what it could be.

Don't think the worst, there are some conditions that can cause these symptoms which can be successfully treated if caught early enough.

I hope he is better soon

best wishes Kate


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