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Cats/cat peeing outside of litter box


i adopted a 3rd cat, male.  he is approx. 11 months old and was in a cage all his life. half siamese, he is smart. i have to female cats. he was using his own litter box without issues. now after 3 weeks, i believe that he is peeing outside of the litter box on a mat (1/2 inch deep with grate top)usually once a day, sometimes twice.  dont think it is the girl cat.  yes he is fixed and healthy. possibly a neat freak cat and dont like sharing boxes.  (caught the girls in his box). i have tried everything, waiting on feliway now.  used boundary, no stain, tension ease, homeopathic.  changed to a bigger litter box, changed unscented litter and weaning onto corn cob litter. what is next? he smells bady too.  think its from previous anti-biotics he had. help.

I am wondering if he has a urinary infection. this would cause inappropriate urination and a strong smell too. See this page for more on this


Other than that if could purely be a territorial issue, even nuetered cats will still do this if they feel worried about other cats in their territory. to try and help this you need separate litter trays in different areas and also a period of litter training to help calm the cat down.


Poor cat being in a cage for so long, especially for such an intelligent breed.

best wishes Kate


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