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I have 3 male cats. 2 of them are brothers that I've had for nearly 8 years. The other one I got as a kitten roughly 6-7 years ago. They've all gotten along just fine over the years until recently. One of the brothers and the 3rd cat started fighting badly about a month ago. The 2nd brother cat seems neutral to both of them. The brother cat started spending all his time hiding in my room. He would never leave and started loosing a lot of weight. I started bringing him his own food/water dish to my room and carry him over to the litter box a few times a day just to make sure. He hisses, growls and screams if he sees are even hears the other cat. They used to get along fine for over 6-7 years and then something just snapped. I've tried slowly reintroducing them and it never ends well. They start viciously fighting. They both have scratches and scars all over their faces now. I don't know what to do and I've started thinking about finding a new home for one of them.

This sort of behavior is not uncommon and is known as aggression trauma
Something frightened the cats and even if the cause of the fear had nothing to do with the other cat they have blamed them for their feelings of fear..

you say you have tried to reintroduce them. i don't know if you have used the confinement method or not. this is a very helpful in allowing the cats to re build their confidence in each other without the fear of attack. the method is described here


Also have you tried felaway calming sprays, I hear that some people have found them useful.

best wishes Kate


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