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Hi! We have just adopted a 6 week old kitty, whom we spent all weekend with and behaved amazingly! No crying at night, and litter trained. Now we are back to work and gone from 8 to 5 or 6, and kitty crys the ENTIRE time we are gone (My girlfriend had to come home mid-day, and cat was still crying) We leave him with lots to play with, lots to eat, and lots of room. We live in an apartment building, and CANNOT have the kitty crying like this all day, as it is heard pretty much through the building. What can we do??? Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!! I really dont want to have to get rid of him!

Oh dear, this is very young cat indeed. normally kittens are not weaned from their mothers until week 8 to 12. So i am assuming she is calling for her mother and milk. Kittens this young will feed every few hours.

I'm not sure what i can suggest as in my opinion a cat this young should not be left alone for such long periods of time. this time in her life is known as the sensitive period and this is where they need lots of human contact to help them turn into confident loving pets. cats who do not get this can have problems later on in life ie with nervousness etc.

With a older cat or kitten it is unlikely that they would cry so much as long as they have lots of things to keep them occupied during the day, perhaps a radio on as well. Please see this page for more on this

Is there no one you could leave her with during the day until she is older?

i also have some pages on my site about kitten care which you may find of further help and interest here is the first p

best wishes Kate


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