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Hi I'm In need of some help I'm am house sitting / cat waching for the next
few days . My grandparents and uncle have left me with the cat who I see
vey little of my have see him throught out his life. Today I got off work and
came to there house where the cat is after I settled into bed the cat woke
me up by meowing loudly . I noticed he had vomited on the floor. So I
cleaned it up when I returned he was scraching ont the comfeter of the
bed I tryed to stop him but he pooped on the bed . I know he has a
personilty of his own and makes it clear. I have to leave for work at 4pm
and won't get home untill around 1am . The cat is really attached to my
uncle . I'm staying in my grandparents room. I'm very worried about him .
Is there any thing I can do . And do you think he did this on purpose.

I'm not sure what you mean by did he do this on purpose. cats don't behave in the same way as humans and so they don't do things out of spite etc. Everything they do is due to instinct and communication etc.

pooping on the bed when a cat is feeling insecure is not uncommon. It is a way for them to make the home smell more like them and this in turn helps them to feel safe again. beds are a favorite place as it smells strongly of the people they know and this is comforting to them so they want to add their scent to theirs.

As to what you can do, well it is difficult as this is a temporary situation while your grandparents are away.

All you can really do is to make a lot of fuss of him, give him lots of things to keep him amused and busy, so a new toy etc sometiomes helps. and you may want to keep him in one room over night or while you are away with his litter tray, toys bed etc. This will help to prevent accidents happening and also may help to calm him down ie less space to worry about.

Please see my page about middening for more information


As for the vomiting this may too be down to anxiety and eating too quickly because of this. hopefully in a day or two he will settle down to the new routine.

if vomiting continues for more than three days or so then you may want to have a vet check him out to be on the safe side.

best wishes Kate


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