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I'm very worried about the behavior of my 1 year old male cat, I've had him and his sister from when they were about 8 weeks as rescue cats.  He has always been a loving cuddly purry cat but over the last few months he doesn't like being picked up or petted and often growls or hisses.  Occasionally he will have a cuddle when im on the laptop lying on my arm but if i move he growls and runs off.  He also hisses at his sister and they no longer interact, they used to play happily all the time.

Any ideas? I hate to think he is miserable.


You did not mention if both cats have been neutered / spayed or not. If not then this would be a source of tension for him and can often increase the chances of aggressive behavior. Having cats neutered and spayed generally makes them happier more contented cats.

cats rarely do thinks for no particular reason and so it is unlikely that he is just miserable and may actually be in some discomfort or pain. often they cover these things up but generally bad temper and not wanting to be picked up etc can be a sign of something being wrong. It may be an idea to have a vet take a look at him just to be sure.

If your cats are inside cats only then he may be bored and unhappy due to this. Always make sure that their home environment is as stimulating as possible. see this page for more on this


best wishes Kate  


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