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My male cat had a urinary tract infection about two months ago.  He was taking medicine and I've had his urine tested and the infections seems to have cleared up.  He is having trouble going back to putting his bum down in the litter box which started when the infection started.  The vet said he could have made it a habit now.  He will go in the litter box but doesn't put his bum down which means it goes over the side and hits the walls.  I clean the box every day.  I've even purchased a newer bigger box for him.  I've put less litter in it hoping that he won't be afraid to put his butt down but it's been a no go.  I'm not sure how to change this habit.  Any suggestions?  Thanks so much!

This can take a little while to go back to normal with. You could try a cover litter box so that any mess does not go outside the box. also make sure the box in is in a quite spot so that the cat feels safe going there. There is also a litter called cat attract which is supposed to entice the cat to want to use the box, this may help him too.

the only other option is a short period of confinement training so that he can get used to the litter box in a more secure and less stressful environment.

i have some pages about all of these things which you may find of further help.



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