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I have had my 5 year old indoor Burmese cat for 3 years and he was a great
cat for about 2 years. About a year ago, he got outside when the maintenance
people left the door open, and I couldn't find him for about 10 days. After
that point he has had a great interest in the outdoors, and tries to get
outside. For the past 2 months or so, he has been crying a lot, and constantly
tries to get out. He got out for 4 days last week and when I found him he
drank for about 5 minutes, so I don't think he had access to good, clean water
in the 100 degree heat. Yet, he is worse than ever. He is constantly crying,
keeping me up through the night, and trying to get out the door every time it
opens. I don't know what to do because I play with him, have tried to bring
him outside on a leash, and feel as though I am providing him with everything
I can. Yet, he is still unhappy. Please help!  

Well what can I say. Cats are wild at heart and always will be. i personally believe that cats should be allowed outside, it is after all what comes naturally to them. All there instincts cry out to them to be able to be outside. Every cat I have ever owned as had the freedom to go outside and I live in London UK.

now I understand that there are places in the world where it may be potentially dangerous for a cat to be outside but for me I couldn't bear to see a cat un happy if they wanted to go outside.

all i can suggest is is it possible for you to create an enclosure for him outside. I know of some cat owner who have completely enclosed there gardens for their cats, using netting etc. Now i know this is not always practical for many people but it is an option.

Apart from that all you can do is to try and make your cats inside world as stimulating and as exciting as possible so that they do not miss the outside. however some cats will always want to go outside.

i have a web page about indoor cats here which you may find of further interest


best wishes Kate


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