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I have a 2 year old female cat that I can't get to stop peeing on clothing. Anything that is left in the laundry room on the floor which happens to be where the litter box is she will pee on. She also will pee in laundry baskets of clean or dirty clothes. She will even pee in duffel bags and the latest my empty computer bag. She won't pee on things left on carpet only bare floors. (which is our whole first floor#. She also won't pee on anything in the kids rooms even though she is afraid of them.

I also have 2 other cats, 1 male and 1 female. These 3 cats came from the same house and were born a few days apart. The other two are siblings. This one was from the other mother. All of the cats are fixed and all got fixed about a year and a half ago when they were 6 months old. They are also front paw declawed.

Since she has been doing this since we've had her #6 weeks old) I assume the problem is behavioral and not medical. I can't remember but it could have started after she was fixed. I just don't remember. She is also very skittish. Her as well as the male cat do not like you to confront them but they will come to me or my husband when we are sitting watching TV at night. Then she won't leave us alone. All she wants is us to pet her when she wants it. If we try to pet her when we want to she takes off running. Not sure if that has anything to do with it but I've never had cats that were so skittish before and I never had a cat that did this either.

Anything you can suggest would be greatly appreciated. It has got to the point where my husband has said if she doesn't stop we are going to have to get rid of her which we both know, I will never do. Thank you

well some cats are just more nervous than others and it sounds like this cat is one of the nervous uncertain ones. you are right the problem is behavioral rather than medical and is a quite a complicated one to unravel. i have written about this issue and have a page about how to try and help the cat with a period of litter training using the confinement method. It does take a little time and effort on your part but other cat owners have found it very useful. please see these pages for more on this issue



It may also be that she is naturally more nervous and isn't particularly happy to be living in a multi cat house, some cats just aren't. I also have a page about nervous cats which you may also find of interest


best wishes Kate


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