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I've read some about this happening.  My cat, Tikki, is 10 years old.  Tikki
is a very social, vocal and very lovable cat.  She has always been this
    Last night, Tikki jumped up on our bed before we went to sleep.  She
did her usual meowing..a little louder than usual..letting us know that it
was time for her daily back scratching.  While I was scratching her..I got a
little rougher than usual..and .."SQUIRT"... She either sprayed or leaked
on my bed spread.  I don't think it was like a spray..because it left a wet
spot about the size of a $.50 piece...and had a very strong offending odor.   
I've read that a urinary tract infection could be a contributing factor..but is
this possibly a hormonal issue?  Tikki is going on 10 years old..and I wNt
to make sure she is all right and live her twilight years as comfortable as
possible.  Please help me with this..I am at a loss when it comes to this.

Eric Croker

well it could be a UTi if the urine had a very strong odor then this is often a sign


It may have caused her muscles to weaken and so while she was excited and enjoying her back rub she lost some urine.

It may also just be an age thing too as again she may have lost some muscle control.

I would keep an eye on her over the next week or so and see if you notice a strong smell in her urine or if you notice a more accidents around. in which case a trip to the vets is probably in order.

It definitely doesn't sound like a spray, even though female cats do do this from time to time even when spayed, you would know when they spray as they will shake their rear end and whist doing it and will direct the spray. this defiantly sounds like a leak.

best wishes Kate


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