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Cats/cat peeing and pooping outside litterbox


My two year old male cat has always had a problem using the litter box. We keep the litter box in the basement. He used to poop and pees in the vicinity of the box but then started going all over the basement. We have three fixed male cats and three litter boxes. They are all clean. the other two cats never have this problem. Recently he started peeing upstairs as well, once on a plant and once on the couch. I have tried different litters, amounts of litter, etc. Since he's been doing this since he was a kitten I assume it's not a medical problem but behavioral. Please let me know what you think. thanks!

yes it sounds to me like he may have some issues here with territory and the other cats in the home.

Your only option is to try some intensive litter training using the confinement method, you will probably have to repeat it several times as this is a long standing behavior.

Please this page for information on the process


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