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Cats/female cat aggression towards new kittens


my family recently lost one of our cats, she had been with us for 12 years, and our other cat (who had been living with her for almost 10 years). now we are pondering acquiring two new female kittens, and we have been warned that our current cat (lyra) will act extremely aggressively towards the new kittens, or simply leave and not come back.
we have a very calm house cat and she is lonely without the other cat around. what are some of the concerns in introducing two new female burmese kittens into our house with our resident burmese cat.

It is very difficult to say that your cat is lonely because cats dont generally have the same emotions as ourselves and in the wild are happier to be on their own.

Your cat may be suffering a period of grief but this is more about things changing than actually missing the other cat. Please my page about this for more information


As for getting more cats. well there are definitely no guarantees that she will get on with them at all. especially other female cats. Sometimes at best they will just give each other house room. At best they may become friends but this is more likely if you have male cats.

Please my page about this issue here


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