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Today my husband was playing with our 1 yr old kitty & noticed a bump on her neck area-he messed around with it & a white chalky substance (he said it was like a toothpaste) came out-he said the "hole" was about the size of a pinhead-when I got home she seems to be doing ok-she ate & is playful as always-the area doesn't seem to be bothering her-my husband even said she let him mess with the area today & didn't seem like she was in any pain...what is the chalky substance? should we be worried? The vet couldn't get us in for 2 days-we have 3 other cats-is she contagious??? Please help! Thanks

sounds to me like an old abscess which has dried out. the white puss inside a cysts etc can dry out when it gets old and become chalk like. I don't think it is anything to worry about but it is best that the vet takes a look in case he thinks she may need some antibiotics etc.

best wishes Kate


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