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We have two cats and our 13 year old cat died almost a week ago unexpectedly from respiratory problems, leaving behind her daughter who is 9 months younger than her. They've both lived with us in our apartment since the youngest was only a couple weeks old. It's been hard for all of us and we've noticed particular changes in our remaining cat's behaviour. We understand that she's grieving as she's become subdued and seems to sleep more than usual. What we don't understand is why she won't leave the lounge area. She'll go to the kitchen, and sometimes our mom's room but she seems very hesitant and even scared to go into or near my brother's room and my room. She hasn't slept on any of our beds since the death which is very unusual for her. Is this a form of feline agoraphobia or is it just her way of grieving?

I am sorry for your recent loss.

I would say that this new behavior is definitely in association with the recent changes. Cats can behave in all sorts of strange ways when things change and it can take them some time to settle down again.

I would suggest some for of new distraction to try and help your cat through this difficult time. Perhaps some news toys or game times with you etc.

i have a page about cat grief which you may find of further help here


best wishes kate


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