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I have been searching for information on this but I haven't found anything that relates to my situation.  I rehomed a 2yr cat last year from the cats protection league. She had been through a lot and was a nervous wee thing.  After nearly a year her personality came out and although still nervous at times had vastly improved.  We rescued a kitten a few days ago as some youths had just found him and I won't even write what they were about to do. He is about 3.5mths and have made an appointment with the vet in a few days time. We would like to keep him as we can give him such a good home. I kept the kitten in my room for the first day, Ellie knew there was another cat around so we swapped their smells for the first two days. Ellie was very stressed out as she knew there was a cat but couldn't see him. So we introduced them and Ellie was very scared of him, she ran away etc. We kept doing the gradual introductions and Ellie just hisses at him and runs away. This has been four days now but I am so worried about our older cat as I do not want her to be stressed out. I don't know if it will ever calm down. I am just wondering do you have any advice on this matter? I have ordered Feliway off the net also to see if that would calm things.  
Many Thanks

yes she will calm down in time but this could take some time if she is generally a nervous cat.
The best way to do the introductions is using the carrier method described on this page.


It may take  at least a week of this technique before she may calm down but even then dont expect her to completely relax. It could take quite some time if at all for her to truly except him but they can live along side each other amicably on their own terms. the secret is for us humans not to stress about it as they will sense our anxiety. let them decide how they will live along side each other.

the felaway spray does work for some cats but not all and so it is rather a trial and error situation. Try to get her to find her own confidence first.

Bless you for taking these cats in and i wish you every happiness with them.

best wishes KAte


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