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About 1 year ago, my family got a new kitten from a house down the road. We got her when she was roughly 4-6 weeks old, and we got all the appropriate shots/procedures.

What the odd behavior is every night as I go to bed, my cat will jump up on my chest and kneed a lot. She also sticks her nose down like she's sniffing something, but she's not. This is also the only time I hear her purr. She will often jump up and lay on my mom's chest and do similar things in the evening.

What is she doing exactly? The other two cats I've had didn't do anything this odd.

This is normal behavior for some cats.

The kneading is considered to be associated with when they would knead their mothers tummy for milk when they were kittens. It is a comforting action that cats like to do on their owners, you should take it as a compliment :)

As for the sniffing, again this is associated with territory and instinct. Some cats do it more than others and it is simply there way of logging smell as to what is good and what is bad. ie your family scent is good and again comforting for the cat, this is probably why she starts to purr when she does it.

best wishes Kate


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