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My 7 month old kitten was not aggressive when I first brought him home from the shelter three weeks ago.  Since then, he has become progressively more aggressive in play.  I have discouraged him with "NO" and stopped playing but tonight he bit me again and I followed him with a wagging finger and angry "bad boy".  He suddenly turned and leaped and attacked my face, which was leaned over.  He bit my face and drew blood.  I was so mad and shocked from the blow I yelled at him and chased him outside on the porch where he is now.  I came over to the computer to research this before acting any more and I have learned alot here and on other websites.  I think he is a dominant cat and I made him angry wagging my finger and backing him into the kitchen.  He obviously felt threatened and attacked me.  I clearly did not read his body language correctly.  I have had many cats but none that have ever done anything as aggressive as that.  I hope I did not "set myself back months" by yelling at him.  Yikes.  I also hope I do not now have a psycho attack cat on my hands.  :-)

Don't worry you may have frightened him but he should be fine ina few days time. i have a web page about how to bond with a cat which you may find of interest here


It is odd that such a young cat is acting so aggressively. He has either not learned how to play properly, some cats who are not socialized properly at birth can be like this, or he is extremely stressed and acting this way through fear.

I assume he is neutered. If not then you should consider having this done now as this will help reduce aggression.

Regarding how to handle the biting, please read this page for more help


don't worry it is early days for you and your new cat and it can take some cats time to settle down etc.

best wishes akte


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