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we have had a male and female cat kept together for over 5 years now and we've never had kittens from them, they are both indoor cats.
holly our female cat has always been a slim cat then about 6 weeks ago we got up and her stomache had grown over night.
so we assume that she is pregnant, her behaviour hasnt changed much as she has always ben a loving cat and talks alot, anyway yesterday she was sat on mydaughters knee and her knee was wet and when she checked her knee there was a mucus type mess on her leg and dressing gown, and for the rest of the night our cat was licking herself clean. then tonight in the kitchen after was went in, we found a spot of blood on the floor. are these the signs of her going into labour?  we are seperating the cats at night so she gets rest, how long should it be befor she gives birth?  
And yes i know havbing a male and female cat , i should of got them bth done but we never thought this would happen as theyhave been together for over 5 years, so please dont slate me i just need advice

well it would be unusual for a cats stomach to suddenly swell over night if she was pregnant.

If she is not pregnant then this sounds like it could be a nasty infection which would need treatment from the vet.

If she is pregnant then it can be many many hours before any kittens are born. Please see my pages all about cat labor at on my site here


best wishes kate


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