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One week ago we got a male, nutered, fourteen month old Bengal cat. He was shy and skittish around people. It appears to not have been socialized with people. He does use the litter box and eats his food and drinks watter. He slinks and goes downstairs if you move towards him. He will play with a toy for awhile if you have it on a string and he doesnt get to close. We have a couple of times been able to just scratch him behind the ear but not for very long. We dont know what to do or expect. Will he get any better socially so we can pet him and maybe hear him purr or is this the way he is going to be? What can we possible do to get his trust?

well this may not be unusual for some cats it all depends on the life they have had so far. It may take him months and sometimes years to fully relax in the new home.

All i can suggest for now is to take a look at these pages on my website for some more information to help you settle your cat down.

You may also want to consider one of those cat calming stray for awhile until  he has relaxed more in the home. /scared-cat.html

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