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I just moved it with my partner.  He has a fixed, declawed 14 year old male cat and I have a 12 year old fixed, declawed male cat.  They do not get along and have been in the same house since the 1st of October.  Cat pee and poop (once) on the bathroom floor, carpets.  Hissing and growling after all the lights go out at night.  My cat seems to be the instigator while his cat is doing the peeing. They are suppose to share the litter box (small house) but my cat seems to be guarding it. His cat has urinated on my school bag, computer chair and carpet.  We are at the point where I am going to have to find a home for my cat which breaks my heart.  Any help would be appreciated.

I am afraid you will need two litter trays. Cats do not like to share these as the smell of each other is very strong here. the trays also have to be in different parts of the house too i'm afraid, I know this is difficult in a small house (i have one too0 but is the only answer.

Also you can try the litter tray training on each of them for a few days too the confinement and isolation can help them calm down too. You may want to combine this with the introduction technique too.

Also you could try some cat calming medication or sprays which can help in situation like these.

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best wishes kate


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