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Cats/9 month old cat spayed, vet was horrible


What do I do, i have  7-8 pound 9 month kitty who was spayed yesterday, she came home in horrible shape.  I had little instructions on what to expect afterwards. I had to call them many times and fight them to get some pain medication for her, they had told me to give her baby aspirin, which I refuse to do. Finally this morning they told me to go in and they would give me something.  I get home read and make sure it was ok, and it was pain medicine for dogs, Metacam.  I read horrible things about the reactions when it is used in cats.

My cat is doing better today but still in a TON of pain, she cries when she moves and Iím very worried I have no clue how normal this is her sister died of FIP and Iíve read if they are in pain and donít have pain medicine it can cause their immune system to go down.

How can  I get medicine for her so she is comfortable, I donít have the heart to bring her out of the house and to another vet, everytime she hears a noise here she panics.

My vet doesnt believe in pain meds and I'm so very scared something is going to happen to her please help.

umm tricky.

Pain medication for cats has to be carefully considered as they cannot process the same chemicals as ourselves.

It is likely that she would be sore after the operation for a few days but she not be in obvious pain like you are describing. If it were me and i was not happy with my vets and i was certain that my cat was in pain i would have no hesitation in taking her to a different vet. This really is the best option and is preferable to her remaining in pain if you are sure she is in pain and only you as her owner will be able to tell this. ie her behavior is dramatically different from her normal self.

I hope she is back to her old self soon.

best wishes Kate


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