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My cat came into heat mid January,she got out and was gone all night,however she continued to do that horrible whine they do for a couple of days....then stopped i thought i wrote on the calendar when she got out but i didn't,her nipples are pink and out,she looks like she has a rounded belly,however she hasn't become more affectionate,but she has started eating quite alot ive tried to feel her tummy but she doesn't like it is there any other way i can tell if she is definitely pregnant without taking her to the vets ?

no not really as it is dangerous to the kittens if you try to feel around. A vet knows how and where to feel without causing harm.

It does rather sound like she could be pregnant though and it is usually in the last stages that it is really obvious to us as like you say their behavior changes and visibly it is very obvious. I have a page about cat pregnancy here for more information


best wishes kate


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