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Hi - I've been wanting to get a cat for almost 10yrs now, ever since my cousin got one and i got to know cats since. I really consider myself a cat lover; if I visit a house with a cat I end up spending most of my time playing with it. I just bought my flat and am settling down and am wondering if this is the right time to adopt a cat. I am single and work from 8 to 7-8 daily, but i do spend lots of time at home on weekends. I live in a one bedroom flat in central london with no balcony (although i do have big windows and nice views) its about 700sqfeet. I also travel about once a month for 4 days or so but I am spender and dont have a problem with paying up for good cat-hotels or such arrangements. Do you think given that i'm single (no kids to entertain the pet) and working most of the time on weekdays and living in a relatively confined space with no access to the outdoors, will the cat be able to get by? Thanks a lot

Ok what i am going to say is my opnion and is based on owning cats for more than 30 years of my life and from i have learned and studied.

Personally i dont think your circumstances are right for owning a cat and i know of a few animal rescue shelters that would not allow a cat to be homed in such a small space with no outside access.

Every cat i have ever owned would have gone crazy if they were not allowed outside and it would break my heart to see it too. Also cats are very intelligent animals who need a lot of stimulus and also enjoy human contact.

Having said all of this there are some cats who for health reasons either cannot go outside or prefer to saty inside. Blind cats for instance or cats with FIV. So you could speak with a animal shelter such as wood green and explain your circumstances ans whether or not they have any cats that would suit your situation. They are very good at trying to place the right cats to the right home and I have had lots of experience with them. Battersea and the RSPCA are also good at giving advice and have a large number of cats in their care around the country.

i think you are being very wise in taking all things into consideration and putting the cats welfare first. I hope that perhaps there is a cat who may be suited to your situation

best wishes Kate


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