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my un-neutered cat(2 years) keeps meowing and attacking our new kitten.the kitten defends himseld by hissing mostly and waving his p[aws around..but we only have them for one night.. and today...will they get along.the kitten sleeps in anouther room..but the big cat is obseesed with it..when the kitten is not around the big cat keeps looking for it and meowing all day..but sometime he attacks the little one.what shoulkd we do..also the big cat is not eating..i gave him a liilt mushy sauage today..but he is so obseed with the other cat he ignores his food..and he usually is always scared for my big cat and dont want to give the liilte cat away..because our big cat hates attention and is men./.the new kitten loves attention,licking,playing,snuggling..and i dont need the link u give on most of ur answers,,about new cats meeting each other..i have seen it and doin that

If you have only had your kitten for one night, i dont see how you could have carried out the introduction procedure as this process is over a week. This gives the cats time to get to know each other in a safe environment.

Also you say your cat is not neutered. This will naturally make him more aggressive and territorial.

Your big cat may feel threatened by the presence of the new kitten and this could be why he is anxious and is not eating. Having him neutered and the kitten too when he is old enough is a good starting place to having cats that can live together.

Cats especially un neutered cats are very territorial, this is what drives them and their behavior. I really think you should consider neutering your cats. I'm not sure why you have not so far so i have attached a link to a page about neutering which lots of information about the benefits and the process etc.

best wishes KAte


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