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I gave a kitten to a friend and she was about 2 months old then, it was friendly and like to cuddle and play.. Now it is well, really really playful and always awake and running and you cannot put a hand on her without getting a scratch. I think she is not aggressive but just have too much energy since it sleeps at nights and is awake almost whole day. My friend says she is nice in the evenings only. I am a little bit worried because of this because she wasn't like this before I gave her, but on the other hand I used to keep her outside and inside and with her brothers and sisters and 3 adult cats and now she is alone and lives in the apartment and does not go outside at all. Is everything O.K. with her? Also her paw pads and her nose are really bright rose coloured and I don't really remember what it was earlier.

Hi sounds to me like normal kitten behavior to me. kittens are very energetic and need a lot of stimulus and play especially during the first year or their lives.

The kitten needs to learn that scratching during play is not acceptable, she would have learned this from her mother but she was taken away from her mother a little too early. it is advised that kittens should remain with their mothers for at least 12 weeks.

Your friend needs to teach her the discipline rules. See this page for more on this process

and she needs to make sure that the kitten has a routine ie feeding times and play times etc with the owner. Also the house needs to be as kitten friendly and stimulating as possible ie things to play with, climb on etc.

See this page for more ideas on this


I don't think the pink nose and pad paws are unusual for a young kitten.

best wishes Kate


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