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Cats/cat loves my cat-hating boyfriend


i have two nuetered female cats. The ginger has been with me since she was six weeks old. shes 7 yrs now. i used to hide her in the hood of my jumper to stop my younger brother from terrorising her. Since then i have been told that letting my cat behave like a parrot has given her the idea that she is the alpha. Is this true? i spoil her rotten and everyone says she owns me and runs my house.

The main question though is about my black cat. i took her in when another family member got pregnant because she has a habbit of sleeping on necks or right in peoples faces. She has always been skittish and fearful and i accepted this and allowed her to be comfortable and not force any unwated contact on her.
I have had her for four years and my recent bf and i have been wondering why she loves him. He hates cats, its funny really coz she follows him everywhere sleeps only with him and often presents her bum to his face which he hates with a passion (why does she do this????). He has slowly gotten used to her and isnt the kind of guy who would hurt an animal but its weird i love cats and she wont come near me. he hates them and she wont leave him alone!!!! she previously lived with a male and female owner both of whom didnt have very good pet morals or patience with her.
ive had her for six years. why does she love him so much???? both my cats get angry with me when he goes back to his house for a few days. they wont speak to me for up to two days.




Ah cats are funny things and they have their own minds when it comes to who they like etc. All I can say is that cats are usually very good at judging character and finding people they know will be nice to them. your boyfriend must be one of these people without him really knowing it.

I have known people who really hate cats or lets say think they do. the n along comes a cat and steals their heart away and they end up being the most animal loving people around.

As for your first question, well no i dont think this is true. Your actions are not that unusual. It is all down to the personality of the individual cats and how they respond to you. if you give in to them all the time then they will try it on over and over again its as simple as that. It is more about learned behavior and knowing what they can get away with rather than them being dominant over you.

best wishes kate


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