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my 2 year old cat "gabby" had 2 kittens 14 weeks ago only 1 survived "boots" they seemed to be getting on until this week, gabby has started hissing, growling and swiping at boots not to mention growling at me her ears go flat and her eyes narrow and she pulls her hind legs in tight, im really worried as i have 2 small children and concerned she could take her moods out on 1 of them i have had her since she was 8 weeks and dont want to get rid of her, shes part of the family.

This sounds about right to me.

It is a natural instinct for a mother cat to shoo away her kittens once they are weaned. The reason is that if she has more kittens there wont be enough territory or food to go around. this is a natural instinct.

If you are going to keep the kitten it is advisable to have your female cat spayed now he is fully weaned and then to have the male cat neutered after he is around 5 months old. this will reduce any aggression and territorial issues.

best wishes Kate  


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