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I have a feral cat that is pregnant.  I am not sure how far she is, but she is large.  There are 2 others cats that got pregnant were I work and they delivered last week.  The cat that I have must have gotten pregnant around of the same time.  I don't know exactly the day she got pregnant.  I did take her to the vet to be tested for FIV/FELV, which was negative.  The vet told me she was over her 6 weeks gestation, which was approx. 3 weeks ago.  She is showing no signs of labor.  What should I do, is this normal?

It sounds as if she is very close to giving birth now as a cats gestation period is between 63 and 68 days and by reckoning she is around 63 days now.

I have a web page which is full of information about cat pregnancy and cat labor which you may find of further help here



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