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Dear Kate

We have (or had) a black cat called Mazey.  She has never been a very social cat - didn't really enjoy petting and would never sit on laps etc.  However, she was very playful as a kitten - amazingly fast and would even bring toys back to you to be thrown again!  Over the past six months or so she has more and more an outdoor cat - only ever coming in at night to sleep and eating very little at home.  We since discovered she's been spending a lot of time in a neighbour's garden, playing with the kids, catching prey and sleeping under a bush.  The neighbour lets her into their house but doesn't feed her and doesn't let her sleep there overnight.  As we felt we didn't really "have" a cat, we decided to adopt a rescue cat that would want to be with us more.  Jasper is a 10 month old, very laid-back cat who loves his food and is very affectionate.  We tried the recommended way to introduce the cats - but very difficult as Mazey only there 1st thing in the morning.  When we introduced them, Mazey growled at Jasper but didn't go to attack him.  Jasper in the meantime carried on eating!  The same thing happened on the next three or four mornings.  However, Mazey has now stopped coming home at night and I'm worried she is living off a diet of bees and frogs (as my neighbour tells me) and that she has nowhere warm and comfortable to sleep.  Is there anything I can do to try and tempt her back?
We saw her briefly in the garden yesterday but she ran off as soon as she saw Jasper.  Should I hand her over to my neighbour?

My honest opinion is. If your neighbor is happy to look after her and feed her etc then i think for your cats sake it would be the best thing.

I know exactly how you feel as when i was younger we had a cat who did the same thing. She just couldn't settle with us and in the end she decided to move down the road to a neighbors house. Who loved looking after her and she spent the rest of her life living happily there. we would see her around and she was definitely happier there.

Sometimes we simply can't make our cats like us. who knows why.

I do suspect that now you have another cat this has kind of made it even harder for her to come back to you. So yes if your neighbor is happy to do so, see if they are prepared to look after her.

As a cat lover like myself, you want to put the cats happiness and health first, bless you.

best wishes kate


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