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My cat's back left foot is hurt. Wont walk fully on it.
He is an outside only kitty, although I'm hoping to change that as soon as I can find a new place. (Current roommate kicked him out)

Won't eat much, seems to have trouble eating and he isn't really drinking water. I gave him a vitamin supplement for the meantime, but what else can be done? I don't get paid until Thursday (five days from now), so a vet trip is out of the question until next weekend. That's what truly sucks the most, since I'm worried to heck.

Your advice?

There is not much you can do for your cat until you can get him to see a vet. If you can keep him inside with a littler tray until then it may be a good idea.

Make sure your cat drinks plenty even if he does not eat to prevent dehydration.

There is no way of telling what could be wrong with the foot. have you checked to see if there is anything in the foot or between the claws?

It may be a bad sprain which may need antibiotics.

You could telephone your vets to see if they would allow you to come in now and pay a little and the rest on Thursday. I always think that the sooner any injury can be seen the better in case infection occurs in the meantime.

best wishes kate


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