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I recently (within the past six months) had my 5-year-old calico spayed. Since then, she's developed a habit of finding random objects from around the house (make-up bags, checkbooks, wallets, scissors, tape dispensers, cotton balls - you name it) and carrying them from one room to the other while meowing in a loud tone. This happens mostly at night. My fiance and I will wake up to find these objects at our bedroom door, though she sometimes leaves her loot wherever she pleases. It was cute at first, but has become an annoyance. Why is she doing this? Is there any way to help her stop?

Difficult to say whether this is purely a behavioral issue or a hormonal one.

It may be that even though she has been spayed her hormone levels have not dropped or there may be an imbalance which could be casing her to carry out this phantom carrying of objects (as she would her kittens)

or as i say sometimes it is just behavioral. I have had male cats who have done this but often it is not long lasting.

You could try distracting her with some new toys at bedtime, or playing with her just before bedtime to tire her out. but it may also be an idea to have her looked at by a vet in case their is a hormone issue.

best wishes kate


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