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ok so my cat Avlar he is a 2 year old main coon cat. he has disappeared from time to time the longest he has been gone is a week. He has been gone for three days now and i am worried that he might be gone longer than he was last time. Now i know  if he comes home he will do it again. So i was thinking that i should make him a house cat. I am afraid that if he stays out to long he will run into the not so friendly bear. now my dad says my cat will go nuts if i keep him inside. my cat was born in the wild i found him in an old  tobacco barn he was the runt of the litter. I don't want to lose him. so what do you think???

Personally i think it would be cruel to keep a cat inside all the time if he is used to being able to go outside.

he will go crazy and drive you mad to get out plus over time he may become depressed also.

It would feel like a prison sentence..

i have two cats and when they have been ill and I have had to keep them in, they have broken my heart with their cries etc to go outside.

Personally i think the only cats that are Ok with being inside are those with a disabilities such as blindness or deafness and those which have been house cats from birth.

Cats are essentially wild animals at heart. All their instincts are to be outside, to hunt, to chase, to climb etc. unfortunately yes this does mean they are in danger from time to time. Just as we all are from cars, violence etc.

cats are smart animals and they will avoid trouble if they can. It sounds like your cat is well versed with the ways of the wild and even though you worry (as i do too from time to time) I have always believed that we don't own our cats and that we have to let them be cats and live as such. As I say they are smart and know where their home is.

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