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My cat is 11months old and she had kittens on Wednesday the 1st one was fine but there was alot of time between the others and the other 2 wer stillborn, i took her and baby to the vets to get checked out because i could still feel a lump n thought it may be another baby, he did an xray n said she seems ok just keep an eye on her for the next 24hrs.  She seemed to be fine up moving about and feeding until today, shes nOt really been reacting to things and moving very slowly she has slept a lot today away from the kitten and about an hour ago I notice the nipple the kitten Feds from is very swollen!?  She is still goin to the kitten and feeding him. Is this normal is she just very tired and worn out and the nipples is just a bit sore,  or should I take her to the vet?!

Just keep an eye on her for 24 hours. It sounds to me like she just needs some time to get over the birth. Also having your nipples sucked on for the first time by a hungry kitten would probably make it look a little swollen for awhile.

If you feel that she is not picking up after a day or so or if you notice she is not eating or is with drawn and not looking after her kittens then yes a trip to the vets is probably a good idea.

However i wouldn't be surprised if she is fine again soon. Giving birth to kittens must be a very exhausting and a perhaps even a little scary for your cat. Lots of TLC and calm is what she probably needs as well as good quality cat food to help her keep her strength up.

I have some pages about cat birth etc which you may find of further interest here. Here is the first page


best wishes kate  


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