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I have a male cat - neutered - had him about 14 years.
New Year 2010 we got 2 female kittens ( we have a decent sized house ) to keep him company and for the kids.
For over a year everything was great and then we got the kittens ' done '. All was still ok but about a month later we went away for a night and something clearly happened.
Then one of the young cats attacked the older cart and then the younger cats fought each other. This happened a few times so we split them up. After a couple of weeks we put them back together and it was ok until it blew up again one morning.
Now the younger cats are in 3 rooms and the older cat has the rest of the house. The younger cats do sometimes come into his part of the house but though he will look into their room he turns and walks away. If I take him in there he gets very unsettled.
He is becoming really miserable and I really want to find a solution or I feel I will need to try and find a home for one of the young cats.
What can I do ?
Getting fairly desperate.
We are using Felaway and have had tablets from the Vets.

I am sad to sy there may be little else you can do.

Cats do not naturally get along, even siblings. they are not like dogs and prefer not to live in groups. Now some cats can settle whilst others simply cant.

I assume from your email that you keep them all inside all the time. I know this is often the way of doing things in the US. i live in the Uk and can't imagine doing that as cats need lots of space and i mean lots especially if there are other cats in the area. It may simply be that 3 cats in your home is simply not going to work even though you have a large home.

You have done everything right as regards to trying to separate them for awhile and also using felaway etc to try and calm things down.

Have you tried introducing the cats to each other while one of them is in a carrier? This allows the cats to get to know each other and relax without the fear of attack. It is a slow process and has to be carried out over several weeks sometimes, but people have said that it does calm things down sometimes. It may be worth giving that a try. I have more details about this process on my website here


Unfortunately if you have tried everything and nothing seems to work, then yes you may have to consider finding one of the kittens a new home.

best wishes kate


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