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Hi Kate,

I have four cats ranging from the ages of 1-9.  I can't seem to get them all on one food.  They all like different foods.  I have Welleness Core (Dry), Wellness Blue (Dry), California Natural (Dry) and Epigen90 from Wyosng also Dry.  I have no problem with the wet food which they get in the morning.  These are very expensive foods and they are breaking the bank.  I need to put them all on one food.  I would prefer them on either one of the Wellness.  I tried doing it at a slow pace, in other words weening them off of the other food and just leaving the Wellness did not work.  I even tried putting a little baby food on the Wellness and they licked the baby food but did eat the food.  Four cats can get overwhelming.  I love them all but I am overwhelmed.  I can't afford this anymore.  Can you help?

I know your problem completely as I have suffered with it in the past myself.

You may not like what i am going to say but never the less it is the honest answer.

the problem lies with you rather than the cats. As humans we are lets say rather more sympathetic and emotional than animals are and when we see our cats turn their nose up at good quality food we instantly go into mother mode and try to feed them something else. However cats are much more simple then we think when it comes to food. In the wild they would eat birds, mice, frogs etc whatever they could get.

A cats appetite is driven by smell so when something sells strong this encourages them to eat. So my advice is to find the one brand one flavor (sometimes cats prefer fish or meat so choose the most preferred flavor and then stick with it. if the cats are not given alternatives they will eat it eventually.

My own two cats were the same and I reacted in the same way as you did, buying different foods for them. In the end i too could not afford it so I chose the best brand i could afford and gave it to them. I always made sure that it was kept in an airtight container to keep its freshness and I only put out little amounts at time as if it is left out too long the smell goes and the cats are not interested.

Stick with it my cats eventually decided that this was what was available and eat it now happily.

best wishes kate


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