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Cats/Fixation on only me?


A few months ago, my sister adopted two kittens -brothers- from the SPCA. They've adjusted well and are, to my knowledge, happy and healthy.
But for the past two or three weeks, they've started displaying an odd fixation -for lack of a better description- on myself and my room.

I spend a lot of time in my room, with the door shut. At first, the litte ones didn't seem to care too much, but nowadays, if I stay too long in my room, one or the other will sit at my door, and begin what I can only describe as crying.
I leave, they start purring, and after a while they trot off either to my sister or parents. But if I go back into my room to continue what I was doing before, the whole thing repeats itself anywhere from hours to minutes later.

This is especially irritating when they decide to cry -and make leaps at my doorhandle- early in the morning.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this behavior, other than a good squirt of water?


First of all a good squirt of water does no good when you are in the room with the door closed. Cats are curious creatures and hate to be locked out of a place they have been in.  Also, cats are persistent creatures, so once they found that meowing are jumping at the door handle would get a reaction (i.e. the door opening) one time, they will keep it up in hopes that they will get the same reaction again.

In a nutshell, I know of no way of stopping the behavior. What I can suggest (and you will not like this), is to go to a travel store and get a pair of those soft ear plugs used on transoceanic flights in first class. That seems to do the trick.

I also wonder if the kittens are at an age where they have reached puberty and neutering may calm down certain behaviors. If they are at least 4 months of age and/or weigh at least 4 pounds, you might want to have the boys neutered, if they have not yet been.

Best regards... Norm.  


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