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Hi Karen,

I adopted a stray 8 week old cat a few months ago, and he is 5- 6 months at this time.  When I got him I wanted to get a playmate for him and got the big litter box for multiple cats.  I had some personal issues with work that kept me from adopting for a few months.  

They had a promotion at the humane society a week ago, and I got a cat.  She was six months old and my cat tried to play with her which she didnít like and then it progressed into a fight with him being the aggressor.  I took her back in less than 24 hours and got a male 3 month old kitten that looks like him because he has tried to play with himself in the mirror thinking it was another kitten.

When I first brought the kitten home, he tried to pounce on him and it looked like he went for his front side/neck.  He doesnít hiss or growl, but just attacks.  He is twice the size of the kitten and I refuse to let him attack him.  It really worries me that he doesnít growl and went for close to the head of the kitten.  I have kept the kitten in a separate room for 9 days now.  I feed them together with the door cracked, and they play some under the door.  

However, there have been several times when my cat wanted inside and I had the kitten out.  My cat clearly wanted to attack him, but couldnít because I held him in my lap.  They have both scoped out the otherís living quarters.  He figured out I was letting the kitten out when he went outside and progressed to going outside and then wanting back in after a few minutes to see if I had let the kitten out.  He would run to the kittenís room first thing every time.    

Yesterday I tried to put the kitten in a large carrier in the common space, and my cat tried to swipe him and bite him through the carrier.  Today he tried to swipe at him through a cracked door.

It has been over a week, and I see no progress - my cat seems to resent a newcomber.  I am feeding them together where they can see each other through a cracked door and encouraging them to play under the door.  Both cats, especially mine have plenty of toys and get plenty of interactive play.  I am very hurt to see him swiping at and trying to attack this kitten half his size.

I am so hurt right now, I cannot think about it without getting upset.  Seeing my cat try to attack this kitten half his size with little biddy kitten teeth and paws half his size is so disturbing.  I have read that male cats are territorial and may not ever warm up to another male cat.  If it isnít going to work, I want to go ahead and return the kitten so he can get a good home.  I feel like a total failure to the kitten and to the humane society if it doesnít work.  

Since my cat is attacking without growling or hissing and hasnít changed his attitude, how long should I give this or should I give it before I give up or should I let it go and return the kitten now?

Hi Amy,

This is just a territorial dispute. You need to start over and use a cat intro protocol. Follow the suggestions here.

You might want to get some Feliway Comfort Zone to help relax the cats. And you can try giving the older guy this or something like this to help lighten things up.

Hope this helped. Good luck and take care.

Ciao, Karen


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