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Cats/Cat still has a swollen belly after birth.


QUESTION: My cat had a litter of 4 healthy kittens just about 3 months ago.She was impregnated again and gave birth yesterday.There was only two babies born half an hour apart.I didn't stay to watch if the placenta came out.I thought there would be more babies but to my surprise that was it.I left her to attend to her kittens.Today her stomach is swollen and hard like she's still in labour.She doesn't complain when I touch it and she is very loving when she gets a scratch.I'm worried that there could be more inside her but they stuck?Is there anything I can do at home to assist.Its weekend now and I am not in a financial state to afford a vet.!!Please tell me I can help her without a vet?


First of all, your cat needs to be spayed. If she is bred every time she comes into heat, she will eventually have more and more trouble!!!!!!!!!

Remember, I am not a vet, but we have bred many, mnay litters over the years, with pretty good success overall and some miserable failures. So, let's see what can be done.  

Female cats have 2 horns in the uterus.  It is not unusual for them to "empty" one horn of the uterus and then go back after some time Usually between 4 and 48 hoiurs and empty the second horn. So, if there are no kittens by MOnday, you had best have the vet do a quick check and see what is going on. If she is done, you have wasted a vet appointment, if she is not finished but having a problem, the vet will have to rectify the situation or you will lose the mama cat.

Please let me know what ends up happening.

Concerned regards... Norm.

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QUESTION: Thanks for responding.I understand that a cat has 2 horns but today the main concern is that she gave birth on Thursday,wich means its been more than 48hours by now.She seems fine eats well goes to the loo like normal and very very friendly.The idea was to spaid her straight after the first litter but by the time I got there it was too late.I hope its not a serious situation.I would be devastated if something goes wrong.Will keep you posted. Thanks Arne


The problem is that many females go into a "lactation heat" about 3-5 weeks after giving birth.  They are fertile during this heat.

Also, when we feel that the queen is finished giving birth, we get her an oxytocin shot (oxytocin is a hormone that will flush the uterus, help shrink and condition the uterus and aid in milk production). If she is not finished, the oxytocin will help bring down the rest of the kittens while the birth canal is still wide open.

I appreciate your letting me know that she appears to be doing all right!!!!!!

Best regards... Norm.


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