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I was walking on a road on 2 different occassions late nights to two different locations, at one instance i saw the cat across the road and saw a cat but i kept on walking but after few minutes i noticed that the cat was stalking me, it hid behind cars and when i looked back it will run up to me and then hid away; this happened until i got to my destination and then i saw it slowing go away. At the occassion, i was about to enter my front door and i saw a black and white cat sitting in front, so i shooed it but it didnt mive so i walked away from my front door towards a bustop which was about 10yards and i kept lookingback and found out it was following me, hiding under some bushes and then it came straight towards me, this scared me and amazingly it sat beside me and was staring at me, by this time  i was shouting at it but it didnt even move, but i was rescued with a bus i got on and had to go round my area before coming back again.

Do you have any advice or help?
P.s. I dont like cats generally.



It doesn't sound like these kitties meant you any harm, it sounds like they may have been trying to get your attention and possibly make friends with you. I understand that some folks don't like/are fearful of/are allergic to cats so here are some tips to help keep those kitties away:

- Most cats would prefer to avoid direct eye contact... In the cat world where everything is about body language and eye contact it's considered rude by the kitties to look them directly in the eye unless you know them well.

- You could always carry a small canister of compressed air with you like the type used for cleaning computer keyboards. If a kitty approaches you a swift blast of compressed air shot off above your head will usually send them packing simply because a hiss is easily understood.

- The majority of cats don't appreciate getting wet so a water pistol might be effective to keep those kitties away.

If you have any further cat related questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me again at any time - I'm more than happy to help in any way that I can.

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I am the proud guardian of 5 mixed breed cats ranging from 12 weeks to 13 years old and one purebred ragdoll. I have 20+ years experience working with mixed breed cats from a variety of different situations. I have fostered cats/kittens with special needs/behavioral issues. I have rescued/rehabilitated/re-homed a variety of stray/abused cats. I can offer advice on managing feral cat colonies, rehabilitating strays and finding them forever homes. I can help you to determine whether a cat is stray or feral, there IS a significant difference. Improperly introducing a new cat/kitten can result in aggression between newly introduced cats because cats are territorial by nature and they don't like sudden changes in their environment. To learn more about a peaceful way to introduce a new cat into a home with other cats please check out my previous answers on this subject. Proper nutrition for cats can be confusing, I recommend checking out which was created by a veterinarian (Dr. Lisa Pierson) who takes a common sense approach to explaining feline nutrition. Cat behavior and instincts are different from those of humans, I can help you understand your cat's needs so that you can meet them adequately and have a balanced, psychologically and physically sound kitty. Cats vary in personality, energy level and intelligence, different approaches may be required to achieve results in terms of training and interaction with your feline companion. An intelligent, high energy cat must be kept busy or they will make their own fun. I am NOT a licensed veterinarian and I can't offer medical advice. If your cat is ill/injured my advice is always the same: get prompt medical treatment provided by a veterinarian. If finances are an issue I will try to find resources in your area that can help with medical costs or make other choices to ensure the welfare of your cat.


I have fostered feral and stray cats, rehabilitated and homed cats that many people recommended euthanasia for. I am willing to make an effort to do the research and ask questions because I care enough to find solutions to behavioral problems rather than giving up. I have an interest in the use of alternative therapies to help provide the best possible care for all cats and I can say in all honesty that I've seen some incredible things happen for some incredible cats and their human caregivers when the right alternative therapeutic modality is used by a qualified veterinarian with expertise and experience in the field.

I've earned my diploma as a veterinary assistant with honors.

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