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I have recently fostered (adopted temporarily) a mother cat wit three kittens. The kittens are around three weeks old, and two of the three are eating wet cat food already, but the third still nurses only from the mother. The mother cat doesn't really cooperate, though. Often, when the kitten cries or pokes her head into the mother belly, the mother will ignore her and walk away. Also, if someone walks into the room while the mother is nursing, she'll abandon her kittens and go to the person. It's not a big issue for the two who have an alternative food, but Im afraid for the smallest one who still relies on her. I try to feed her cat formula by syringe, but she really protests and tries to avoid eating it. Is there something wrong with the kitten to make the mother neglect her, or is the mother simply sick of it? And what other ways besides a syringe can I get my kitten to eat?

some mother cats are just not good mothers and don't like to nurse their kittens, as simple as that.

I'm afraid you will have to be persistent with the little kitten and hand feed him yourself.

i have a web page about feeding kittens along with a video which you may find of further help





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