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Hi i think my cat is pregnant i got her 2 weeks and 4 days ago she had a litter but the kittens were 4 months old the lady doesn't know if she had her heat cycle as the kittens got older all she noticed was the males were hovering over her and the lady had not noeticed her being in heat recently i have had her almost 3 week's and have not noticed any heat cycle either the lady did say that she was a fincky eater and that she just picks at her food but in the last week she had gone to picking at night to 3 or 3 times a day eating as well as she was really thin when i got her and she has slightly gained some weight also idk about here nibbled cuz she had a litter 4 months ago so i would asume they would stay inlarged but as far as color there pink but not as dark as all the pics and i felt her belly i felt two lumps but not sure if babies or something else she has shown to want way more attention as well do u think she's pregnet

Hi Tumaree,

It does sound like she is pregnant. A cat can go into heat right after she stops nursing her kits. And with a bunch of males around I would say there is a good chance that she is pregnant. You can contact your local cat rescue. They will spay her if she is not too far along if you can't have any kittens. If you can have the kits here are a couple of links that give some great info on what to expect. And what you need to do for her during her pregnancy. Good luck and take care.

Ciao, Karen


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