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Good Evening,
I have 9 indoor house cats and have become abit concerned on diseases/viruses that might be transmitted via fecal matter after my mother inlaw made some comments on how having too many cats is unhealthy which got my google searching.That being said can indoor cats still catch toxoplasmosis if they are not consuming any raw meat or catching any mice or rats. I dont think i have seen a mouse in my house in the last 4yrs ;)  Since 9 cats mean alot of litter box cleaner with a large amount of fecal content should this be something to be concerned about. There are the occasional messes/misses where fecal matter has ended up outside of the litter pan for whatever reason. A couple of my cats have long hair which sometimes means they may get a mess stuck on them and so the poo is found elsewhere in the house, unfortunalthy. I know then its time for a fur trimming on the back end lol. Since this does occur would we be at a greater chance of getting ill from our cats catching toxoplasmosis or what else can humans possibley catch from cat feces.  I do not like to use possible dangerous cleansers due to the cats, so when cleaning up the fecal matter i usually use some sort of pet friendly cleanser and paper towel, but im not sure if its actually killing any of the germs that may come from feces. Is there a type of cleanser that would kill such a thing that wont also kill the cats.  I usually buy something from the pet store thats pet friendly, i currently have a product called PawGanics. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

Please don't worry. Toxoplasmosis sounds scary but is really a minor problem which can be easily avoided. Humans can only catch it if they eat something which is infected and from the sounds of it you are a very clean and hygienic person so this is not a concern for you.

please see my web page about this disease as I believe it should have all the answers for you. the fact that your cats don't go outside and come into contact with soil or other cats feces which may be infected will also mean that your cats are unlikely to come into contact with it.

here is my web page


i hope I have been able to waylay your worries

best wishes Kate


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