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Hi! My name is lisa and my cat is Tuxedo. Hes a 2.5 year old tuxedo cat and I love him to bits. I adopted him from a very well known friend who helps abandoned kittens when he was 4 months old and there were absolutely no issues with him until this past spring. He was always very well scratching furniture, potty trained, very affectionate and social. Spring time came and he started hanging out by a specific window rather than snuggling with me which was a change, scratching at furniture, hissing at certain people but not me, and having accidents outside of his box. I had brought him to the vet many times and 3 vets told me different things and inevitably I had tests done for him and they diagnosed him with crystals so he's been on a medicated food diet since which he seems to like. Recently I've moved and tuxedo is still at home with my younger brother, sister, and mother who take very good care of him but his behavior hasn't changed. He has accidents every day in different places, but the vet says he's healthy. It's gotten so bad that my mother has had to lock him out of most of the rooms in the house because she can't keep up with cleaning up after all his accidents and is threatening to get rid of him. I'm unable to take him because my complex doesn't allow pets  but I love him so much. Whenever i visit  he remembers exactly who I am and comes running to be pet and play but as soon as I leave I'm told his accidents get even worse. If you could give me some advice please help. Thank you. 
Im asking for help again because his accidents are getting worse and vets keep saying its not his health but my mother is now giving me an altimatim saying I need to fix this for her or she's abandoning him. Please please please help us :( 

Hi Lisa,

I will try to help Tuxedo. I also had to leave a couple of my cats with my Mom awhile back until I was able to take them back with me. First off, you need to have him stop looking out that window. He is seeing something out there that is upsetting him. This is what set everything off in the first place. Next get a really good enzymatic cat urine cleaner. You will need to clean the areas he goes in with this stuff. It will remove any odors that are attracting him back to use those areas. Change his litter box and litter. You need to attract him back to using the box again.

Here are a few links of things that I suggest you get.There is a litter box that is great for cats. There is a litter attractant to use to get him back in the box. I would use a different type of litter also. There is a scoop to make your Moms' life easier. And there is a calming pill you can give him when you leave. He is stressing out from that. You can get that or something similar to that at most pet stores. You can also use Feliway Comfort Zone in your Mom's house. That will also help him relax.



Here is link about what you might want to feed Tuxedo. i don't agree with feeding those vet supplied cat foods. This also has a lot of good info on cat nutrition.

If you do what I suggested here your problem with him improperly urinating should go away. And make sure he can't look out that window. Good luck and take care.

Ciao, Karen  


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