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I rescued an abandoned kitten a few weeks ago.  The vet said he was between 3-4 weeks old.  I have been feeding him replacement milk with a syringe, mixing in a little canned kitten food now that he is 5-6 weeks old.  The problem is that he refuses to eat or drink from a dish, and he treat any meat or fish product like it belongs in the litter box (scratching at the floor to cover it).  I have tried wiping kitten food inside his mouth; leaving it down for long periods of time when I am at work; feeding my own cats, who usually eat only dry food, some canned food alongside him; pouring juice from a tuna can on the food; smearing it on a big plate in hopes that he will step in it, lick it off, and get the idea.  Nothing seems to work.  He will not take replacement milk from a dish either.  I am going out of town for Thanksgiving, so he really needs to get the hang of this within the next two weeks! The carers will only come once a day to feed the cats, and they won't want to have to hand feed him.  He is healthy and playful.  Please help!  Someone suggested raw meat, but I've heard that isn't good for kittens.

Well the kitten is still too young to be weaned. Some kittens can take much longer to go onto solid food and also some may find it difficult without a mother a round to learn how to lap. this will come in time. until then you need to continue to hand feed him with a bottle for a few more weeks.

please see my kitten weaning page here for more information


best wishes Kate


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