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I have 11 cats in 4 x 8 meter room with 3x4 meter window. Whenever I open window my neighbour downstairs complains of bad smell and we are forced to  close the window. What could be reason for this and what do you recommend so that I can keep the window open without inviting calls from my neighbour downstairs. (other neighbour living above never complained)

Hello Hafiz,
Any time there are this many cats in any given area,  odors can be difficult to control.  Your space seems to be
large enough, so I think I would start with a very thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the room.  Including the
baseboards and especially the corners.  After the room is freshly cleaned, then I would purchase scoopable cat litter
that is specifically designed for multi cat households, and specific to odor control.  Arm and Hammer cat litter, as well as
Tidy Cat brands make specific litters.  DO NOT use clay litter.  This only retains urine odors and the litter box will need to be
thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis.  Using clumping litter cuts down on odors significantly.  With 11 cats, you should have a
minimum of 5 litter boxes.   These boxes should be scooped on a DAILY basis, and litter boxes washed and cleaned out
at a minimum of once a month.  This should help with the odor problem and keep your neighbours satisfied!
Hopefully this has been helpful.
Thank you for your inquiry.


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