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i have two lovely domestic cats 6years old,one male one female, they have always been allowed outside for short periods during daytime. This year i moved to a more rural home surrounded by farmland, the cats settled nicely. i now believe there is a feral cat that i have seen come into the garden and once witnessed it attacking my male cat, i believe this happened again this week. when he returns to the house after the trauma my female cat will not go near him and hisses at him all the time, this goes on for days. i don't understand why and what can i do to protect my cat from the feral cat.


Cat inter-relationships are always a catch as catch can affair and are mysterious to us mere humans.  Cats go through a complicated "getting to know you" ritual, and work out how they are going to inter-relate to each other.

Cats are also very territorial, and, I would guess, that your new home is on territory claimed by the feral cat some time ago. In truth, there is nothing you can do about the feral cat coming over to your place.  The only protection that can be afforded your two cat is not letting them out.

In time (maybe months), the three cats may come to an uneasy truce, but the feral cat will, probably, remain dominant. Were it me, I would keep my other two indoors since there may be other dangers besides this particular feral cat.  Most out door cats are killed by predators, automobiles or other humans.

Seasonal regards... Norm.  


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