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We ended up with a cat about 8 weeks ago. This cat was severely malnourished and needed some nursing back to health. The cat is a long haired, teenager. I am convinced that this cat has something that is biting me. We have had it for about 8 weeks and after the first day of having it, something started to bite me. The bites itch like crazy and last for 2 weeks. I have taken the cat to the vet and he said that the cat is perfectly healthy! no fleas and i also sprayed for fleas...mites? please help


Ask your vet to draw up 4 tuberculin syringes of ivermectin (it is dosed by weight) and give it orally once a week on the same day for 4 weeks and see if the "mites" disappear. Often body mites are very, very hard to see, but I have never heard of them biting people.

For cats, ivermectin is a very safe drug.

Please let me know what transpires.

best regards... Norm.

P.S. instead of spraying for fleas, have you tries Frontline + or Advantix for cats.  Both are pretty good against fleas and they are topical.


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